I'm having an issue with the vdsmd service refusing to start on a fresh install of RHEL 7.2, RHEV version 4.0.

It initially came up correctly, and the command "ip a" showed a "vdsmdummy" interface and a "ovirtmgmt" interface. However after a couple of reboots, those interfaces disappeared, and running "systemctl status vdsmd" generated the message "Dependency failed for Virtual Desktop Service Manager/Job vdsmd.service/start failed with result 'dependency'". Didn't say what dependency though

I have 3 hosts where this happening on 2 out of 3 hosts. For some odd reason, the one host isn't having any problems.

In a Google search I found an instance where system clock timing was out of sync, and that messed it up. I checked all three hosts, as well as the RHEV manager and they all had chronyd running and the clocks appeared to be in sync.

After a reboot the virtual interfaces usually initially come up, but go down again within a few minutes.

Running journalctl -xe gives these three messages:

"failed to start Virtual Desktop Server Manager network restoration"

"Dependency failed for Virtual Desktop Server Manager" (but it doesn't say which dependency failed"

"Dependency failed for MOM instance configured for VDSM purposes" (again, doesn't way which dependency)

Any suggestions?


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