Can someone tell me how the engine decides which power management
proxy/proxies to use (using default cluster/dc config)? I am using
drac 7 for a fence agent in my two host cluster, and have noticed that
one of the hosts cannot contact the drac. My guess is that the engine
is using one host to as a power management proxy and hosts cannot
reach their own drac as they are on the same interface + vlan.

Example scenario:

Engine uses host 2 as power management proxy. It can contact host 1’s
drac, but cannot contact its own drac. In the case of host 2 being
unreachable/kdumping etc, would the engine switch to use host 1 as the
proxy to contact host 2’s drac?



PS: I'd like to use the APC as an additional fencing agent, each host
has two PSUs connected to two different APCs. Is there a guide on how
to specify two ports on two different PDUs to control power on a host?
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