I want to use Ceph with oVirt in some non standard way. The main idea is to
map rbd volume to all computes and to get the same block device, say
/dev/foo/bar, across all nodes, and then use "POSIX compliant file systems"
option to add Storage Domain.

Am I crazy? If not, what should I do next: create a file system on top of
/dev/foo/bar, say XFS, and add DATA Domain as POSIX compliant? Does it
work, I mean does oVirt compatible with not clustered file system in this

Mostly, I want to use rbd like oVirt do with iSCSI storage just to have
scalability and high availability (for example, when one storage node

Thanks for advice.

PS. Yes, I know about Gluster but want to use Ceph :)
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