Thanks - that did it. I noticed the selinux contexts were all different for the files/folders created by the RHEV manager. Is it safe to assume if I use the RHEV manager to move files around that the selinux contexts will automatically get set to the correct permissions?

On 1/25/2017 3:44 PM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:

Il 25/Gen/2017 21:32, " <>" < <>> ha scritto:

    I'm trying to get an ISO domain configured in a new RHEVM manager.
    I did not configure it during the initial ovirt-engine-setup, and
    am manually configuring it after the fact.

    I created an NFS share in /var/lib/exports/iso and dropped a
    couple of files in there from elsewhere, just for testing purposes.

    On a client system, I can mount the NFS share, but it appears empty.

    On the RHEV manager when I try to add an ISO domain, I get this
    error message:

    "Error while executing action Add Storage Connection: Permission
    settings on the specified path do not allow access to the storage.
    Verify permission settings on the specified storage path."

Ownership of root directory of nfS mount point should be 36:36. And all empty without other files/directories.
In general follow this

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