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> On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 6:28 PM, Gianluca Cecchi
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> > Hello,
> > I'm checking Italian Translation in 4.0.6 and completing it for 4.1 (now
> at
> > 92%).
> > Suppose I found an untranslated / bad translated word: what is the best
> and
> > quick way to go to Zanata and find the reference for it and correct?
> > For example in 4.0.6 I'm in dashboard and at bottom I have the three
> labels
> >
> > Alert, Events, Tasks
> >
> > I click ALerts and then I want to dismiss an Alert because it happened
> while
> > I was configuring Power Management: I faked the password to verify that
> the
> > test failed and I got the alert
> >
> > Power Management test failed for Host .....
> >
> > I rght click on the alert line and I see three options and the first and
> > third one are untranslated
> >
> > they are
> >
> > Dismiss Alert
> >
> ​​
> Display All

Hello Gianluca,
I found them at:



I usually use "Project-wide search and replace" feature which is accessible
by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the top right of the editor. It
shows the search result across the all files within the project. You can
then click "Search document in editor" to open the particular string in the
file to edit.

Once you go into the editor, you may also want to check the details of the
English source string by expanding the line which starts with a star
symbol, then check the resource ID.

One thing I like about oVirt project is that those resource IDs give us a
hint how/where the string is used.
For example, the string "Display All" has the Resource ID
"displayAllDismissedAlerts", so you know that it is the right one for you
to edit.

For this particular strings, there is another one with the Resource ID
"displayAllDismissedEvents" but that must be used for "Events" tab, instead
of "Alerts" tab.

Hope this can help.

Please note that you may find the same strings appear in several files. You
will need to edit all of them. (for example, one is used for User Portal,
another one is for Admin Portal)

If you are working on 4.0, the version you will need to edit is "ovirt-4.0"
as well as "master".
Translations in "master" version will be used for the oVirt 4.1.

You should notify the engineering team when you finished working.
Pulling translations from Zanata into the repo is a manual task, so unless
you ask the team, it will not be imported to the product. Particularly with
non-latest versions.

Kind regards,


> >
> > (I'm going to send a separate e-mail to ask about alerts and events in
> > general).
> >
> > If I go to Zanata, select oVirt 4.0 and Italian language line and use the
> > search function I don't find anything....
> > I see there is an option to
> > Download All for Offline Translation
> > and
> > Export Italian Documents to TMX
> > I have not tried them yet, but I would prefer to directly correct online
> > while I find some things to correct.
> Adding devel and Yuko.
> --
> Didi



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