I have ovirt-engine 3.6 set up on a dedicated host which is managing two
ovirt hosts.  I am seeing errors when the engine attempts to check for
updates as follows.

Failed to check for available updates on host ovirt-node-production2 with 
message 'Command returned failure code 1 during SSH session 

I checked the logs on the host and it appears to be an issue with yum.

2017-01-30 10:21:05 ERROR otopi.plugins.ovirt_host_mgmt.packages.update 
update.error:102 Yum: Cannot queue package ovirt-imageio-daemon: Package 
ovirt-imageio-daemon cannot be found

2017-01-30 10:21:05 ERROR otopi.context context._executeMethod:151 Failed to 
execute stage 'Package installation': Package ovirt-imageio-daemon cannot be 

Is there a way to resolve this?  I don't see any package named
ovirt-imageio-daemon in my repos when running a yum search.

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