Running ovirt v4. and not planning to upgrade to 4.1 yet.
We are happy with stability of our production servers and wait for 4.1.1 to 
come out.
The only real need to upgrade for us would be the added compatibility with 
Windows server 2016 guest tools.
… and the trim, of course, but we can wait a little bit longer for it…


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Subject: [ovirt-users] [Call for feedback] did you install/update to 4.1.0?

did you install/update to 4.1.0? Let us know your experience!
We end up knowing only when things doesn't work well, let us know it works fine 
for you :-)

If you're not planning an update to 4.1.0 in the near future, let us know why.
Maybe we can help.

Sandro Bonazzola
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