I've tried to add publickey to user, that have SuperUser role defined (tried as 
admin@internal, and as another user with SuperUser role),
But UI says, that no permission for logged in user, finally I was able to add 
publickey only after assigning UserProfileEditor role to that users.

oVirt 4.1
engine log:
2017-02-08 00:09:27,525+03 INFO  
[org.ovirt.engine.core.bll.AddUserProfileCommand] (default task-3) 
[e64e31a3-5fdd-414a-a882-737a638162a7] No permission found for user 
'0000002c-002c-002c-002c-00000000018a' or one of the groups he is member of, 
when running action 'AddUserProfile', Required permissions are: Action type: 
'USER' Action group: 'EDIT_PROFILE' Object type: 'System'  Object ID: 


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