I'm on 4.1 with 2 FC SAN storage domains and testing live migration of disk.

I started with a CentOS 7.3 VM with a thin provisioned disk of 30Gb.
It seems that I can see actual disk size in VM--> Snapshots--> Active VM
line and the right sub pane.
If I remember correctly before the live storage migration the actual size
was 16Gb.
But after the migration it shows actual size greater than virtual (33Gb)??
There are no snapshots on the VM right now.
Is this true? In case could it depend on temporary snapshots done by th
esystem for storage migration? But in this case does it mean that a live
merge generates a biggest image at the end..?

The command I saw during conversion was:

vdsm     17197  2707  3 22:39 ?        00:00:01 /usr/bin/qemu-img convert
-p -t none -T none -f qcow2
-O qcow2 -o compat=1.1

See currenti situation here:

thanks for clarification,
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