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> OVN is aleady using GENEVE, VXLAN or STT tunnels (the user can choose
> any), so the isolation is already assured.
> The scripts provided by ovirt configure a geneve tunnel.
> You are free so override this manually to vxlan or stt if you want, let me
> know if you need any howto info.

yes, please.
I have used in the mean time the vdsm-tool command that takes care of
creating the default geneve tunnel
In my case
vdsm-tool ovn-config

but I would like to know how to manually use other types too.
I watched the deep dive demo about ovn but at the bottom of the related
slide there are three lines that should be equivalent to the above command,
something like

ovs-vsctl set open ?  external-ids:ovn-remote=tcp:
ovs-vsctl set open ?  external-ids:ovn-encap=type=geneve
ovs-vsctl set open ?  external-ids:ovn-encap-ip=

The ? character seems a dot or a comma, I have not understood the
(what are the accepted words for type= in the second line?)

Thanks again,
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