testing some VMware ova imports.
In a test that I'm doing I get failure in conversion; in engine.log

2017-02-17 17:39:02,992+01 INFO
(DefaultQuartzScheduler4) [59adde47] Conversion of VM from external
environment failed: Job u'cdb31877-3ebb-400d-88da-1f645b1261ae' process
failed exit-code: 1

where to find more details regarding reasons for failure? Other files on
engine or should I see at host side?

In case I have to import a windows VM ova, which iso should I attach near
the "Attach VirtIO-Drivers" checkbox? Any "official" iso? I
downloaded oVirt-toolsSetup-4.1-3.fc24.iso but I don't know if it is the
right iso for this.

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