> VDSM should not be running on the engine.

Not sure why it was enabled in systemd...I have disabled it now. AFAIK
it wasn't before.

> I decided to try to restart vdsmd on the host and that did allow the
> state of the VMs to be discovered, and the engine listed the host as
> up again. However, there are still errors with vdsmd on both the host
> and the engine, and the engine cannot start vdsmd. I guess it is able
> to monitor the hosts in a limited way as it says they are both up.
> There are communication errors between one of the hosts and the
> engine: the host is refusing connections by the look of it
> Is iptables / firewalld set up correctly?
> Y.

Ports 54321 and 22 are open from engine to host. Is there an easy way to check
the config is valid? It certainly used to work ok.


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