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> Ok, thanks for clarifying that.  So it looks like the temporary snapshot
> was already merged/deleted.  As part of that operation, vdsm calculates how
> large the original volume would have to be (LV size) in order to guarantee
> that the base volume has enough space for the merge to complete.  It looks
> like in this case we decided that value was the virtual size + 10% for
> qcow2 metadata.  If your base volume was only about 16G allocated prior to
> all of this than it seems we were way too conservative.  Did you remove the
> snapshot quickly after the move completed?  One thing that could cause this
> is if you wrote about 12-15 GB of data into the that disk after moving but
> before deleting the temporary snapshot.
> Do you happen to have the vdsm logs from the host running the VM and the
> host that was acting SPM (if different) from during the time you
> experienced this issue?
I executed some snapshot creation to test backup so with following live
merge after a couple of minutes without using that much VM in the mean time.
And I also tested storage migration.
I have not the logs but I can try to reproduce similar operations and then
send new log files if the anomaly persists...
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