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> Gianluca, what is domain 900b1853-e192-4661-a0f9-7c7c396f6f49?
> is this the domain you are migrating to in the same time?

That was the id of the storage domain created on the LUN with problems at
storage array level.
It only contained one disk of a VM. I was able to previously move other 2
disks I had on it to another storage domain

The disk was a data disk of a VM; its system disk was on another storage
domain without problems

The order of my operations yesterday was:
- try move disk to another storge domain-> failure in auto snapshot
- try snapshot of VM selecting both disks --> failure
- try snapshot of VM selecting only the system disk (the good one) --> ok
and also snapshot deletion ok
- try snapshot of VM selecting only the data disk --> failure
- hot add disk (in a good storage domain) to the VM --> OK
- try pvmove at VM OS level from problematic disk to new disk --> failure:
VM paused at 47% of pvmove and not able to continue
- power off VM --> OK
- remove disk from VM and delete --> OK

Only at this point, with storage domain empty, I started to work on storage
domain itself, putting it to maintenance and removing it without problems;
and then the related LUN removal at host level with the notes described in
other thread.

> Can you share the output of:
>     sanlock client renewal -s 900b1853-e192-4661-a0f9-7c7c396f6f49

No, the storage domain has been removed

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