Hi list!
When we upgraded our ovirt environment to 4.1 we get the virtio-scsi
interface as default for virtual disks.
We have seen a difference in drive order from when we used the virtio

Before when we added disks the order of the drives were set by which order
the disks was created.
So if i had 1 disk as os disk it became vda and added a 50 GB disk that
disk became vdb and then added another 8GB disk that became vdc.

But now when i add two additional disks with the virtio-scsi interface like
the above when i reboot the vm the 50GB disk become sdc and the 8GB disk
become sdb even that i created the 50GB disk first?
How is the order decided in the virtio-scsi interface?
What can i do to ensure that the disks come in the order that i create them?

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