Hi list this morning i saw one of my 2 hosts were in connecting state.
When i checked the /var/log/messages on the host i saw this happened:

Apr  7 06:05:38 ovirt12 journal: ovirt-ha-broker
ovirt_hosted_engine_ha.broker.submonitor_base.SubmonitorBase ERROR Error
executing submonitor mgmt-bridge, args {'use_ssl': 'true', 'bridge_name':
'ovirtmgmt', 'address': '0'}#012Traceback (most recent call last):#012
line 115, in _worker#012    self.action(self._options)#012  File
line 44, in action#012    caps = cli.getVdsCapabilities()#012  File
"/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vdsm/jsonrpcvdscli.py", line 167, in
_callMethod#012    raise
JsonRpcNoResponseError(method)#012JsonRpcNoResponseError: [-32605] No
response for JSON-RPC Host.getCapabilities request.
Apr  7 06:05:40 ovirt12 journal: vdsm vds.dispatcher ERROR SSL error
receiving from <yajsonrpc.betterAsyncore.Dispatcher connected ('::1',
53454, 0, 0) at 0x7fcc685ce560>: unexpected eof

Is this the cause of the problem?
What has happened?
How do i get out of this problem?

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