On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:44 PM, Martin Polednik <mpoled...@redhat.com>

> If you are using recent CentOS (or I guess Fedora), there isn't any
> extra setup required. Just create the custom property:

Both my engine and my hosts are CentOS 7.3 + updates

> On the host where engine is running:
> $ engine-config -s "UserDefinedVMProperties=hugepages=^.*$"
> $ service ovirt-engine restart
> and you should see 'hugepages' when editing a VM under custom properties.

So no vdsm hook at all to install?

> Set the number to (desired memory / 2048) and you're good to go. The
> VM will run with it's memory backed by hugepages.

As in sysctl.conf? So that if I want 4Gb of Huge Pages I have to set 2048?

> If you need
> hugepages even inside the VM, do whatever you would do on a physical
> host.
> mpolednik
yes, the main subject is to have Huge Pages inside the guest, so that
Oracle RDBMS at startup detect them and use them

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