Works well, good job, but I can't see which kind of new feature VM Portal brings compared to Basic User Portal.

Le 20/04/2017 à 08:50, Marek Libra a écrit :
Hello All,

Let me announce availability of the VM Portal v0.1.4 for preliminary testing. We are looking forward to your feedback which we will try to incorporate into oncoming stable 1.0.0 version.

The VM Portal aims to be a drop-in replacement of the existing Basic User Portal. Revised list of Extended User Portal features will be implemented to ideally replace it as well.

The VM Portal is installed by default since oVirt 4.1.

*The simplest way to try latest version is via Docker by [1].*
Once oVirt credentials are entered and initialization is finished, you can access it on [2].

If you prefer to stay as closest to the production setup as possible, the latest rpms are available on project's yum repo [3].
Then you can access the portal from [4].

Prerequisites: The VM Portal requires ovirt-engine 4.0+, so far mostly tested on 4.1.

Please note, the docker image is so far meant to just simplify user testing and is not ready for production setup. Unless decided otherwise in the future, stable releases are still planed to be deployed via rpms.

For issue reporting or enhancement ideas, please use project's github issue tracker [5].

Thank you for your feedback,

[1] docker run --rm -it -e ENGINE_URL=https://[OVIRT.ENGINE.FQDN]/ovirt-engine/ -p 3000:3000 mareklibra/ovirt-web-ui:latest
[2] http://localhost:3000
[4] https://[OVIRT.ENGINE.FQDN]/ovirt-engine/web-ui


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