I have an ovirt self hosted server with multiple physical NICs in it.

em1 - set for DHCP and used for web resources
bond0 (p1p1, p1p2) - set statically for communicating to internal hosts w/o 

Before I installed the engine vm/appliance, system was able to browse the web 
on em1 and maintain internal comms on bond0 to internals hosts.

After installing self hosted engine/appliance, the host is unable to 
communicate to web resources on em1.  Ovirtmgmt is on the bond and has no comms 

I installed the logical network for the external web side per the online docs 
and attached it to em1.

Host system can ping the network gateways on each NIC. When launching firefox, 
system is able to browse to Hosted-engine VM page (admin portal, user portal , 
etc) but is unable to get to web sites (i.e. google, ovirt.org, etc.)

I read that Ovirt 4.1 was supposed to have fixed the multiple gateway issue, 
but am confused as to why I can't get out.

Any ideas how I can get the host to browse the web again?


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