After further testing we can either get EM1 running on the bond or EM2 - EM4 
running in the bond, but not EM1-EM4.  We are running the Hosted Engine 
Appliance in our setup.  In order to install the appliance, i have to point 
it to a physical nic during the install process.  The install process 
creates the network bridge ovirtmgmt which is tied to interface EM1 on both 
servers.  After i finished setting up the appliance, and both of my hosts, i 
went in and created my bond so i could configure LACP.  

It seems that is some disconnect between my network bridge, the bond and my 
interfaces.  I would like to some how get my bond to use all 4 interfaces.  
On reboot, it always seems to reset consistently to EM1.

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You should configure your LAG with this options (custom mode on oVirt):

mode=4 miimon=100 xmit_hash_policy=2 lacp_rate=1

An tell to your network admin configure switch:
"Give me lacp timeout short with channel-group mode active. Also set 
port-channel load-balance src-dst-mac-ip (or src-dst-ip\src-dst-mac)".

You also need to understand that LACP balancing works 'per flow'. You can 
take 2 hosts and run "iperf -c -i 0.1 -d",
and on one phy interface you should see 1Gb RX, and on another phy interface 
1Gb TX.


I discovered an issue with my LACP configuration and i am having trouble 
figuring it out.  I am running 2 Dell Powered 610's with 4 broadcomm nics.  
I am trying to bond them together, however only one of the nics goes active 
no mater how much traffic i push across the links.

I have spoken to my network admin, and says that the switch ports are 
configured and can only see one active link on the switch.

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