We checked the port groups, and servers are cabled correctly.

After server is rebooted, em1 is the only interface passing traffic.
Other 3 nics sitting idle.  We can down each port on the switch and
confirm it is down on the server.

I am pretty sure it is related to the bridge that was created to pass
vm-host-altn traffic when the appliance was first installed.

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>From : Chris Adams [c...@cmadams.net]
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Date : Thursday, April 20 2017 17:40:25
Once upon a time, Bryan Sockel  said:
> It seems that is some disconnect between my network bridge, the bond
and my 
> interfaces.  I would like to some how get my bond to use all 4
> On reboot, it always seems to reset consistently to EM1.

Are you sure the switch side is all the same LACP group?  Sounds like
one port may accidentally be in a separate group, and that happens to be

You might try swapping wires between em1 and another port and reboot and
see which ports come up - if all but the port with the wire formerly in
em1 come up, it points to the switch config.

Chris Adams 
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