i'm still testing ovirt 4.1.

i installed engine and 2 nodes in vanilla centos 7.3 hosts with everything that came from http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release41.rpm

i regularly checked for updates in the engine host OS with "yum update" (is there a gui option for this?). it obviously got an ovirt update from version 4.1.0 to already some time ago.

i regularly checked for updates in the nodes via the ovirt web gui (installation - check for upgrade). there where package updates available and installed in the past so i thought that everything was fine.

now i checked with "yum check-update" in the nodes OS shell and noticed that ovirt-release41 is still on 4.1.0 and there are 81 packages available for update (from centos base _and_ ovirt repos including ovirt-release41 itself). ovirt gui tells me 'no updates found'.

why didn't these updates get installed? is it because of the ovirt-release41 update? do i have to do this manually with yum?


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