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> I am running ovirt4.1.1 and moving my vm:s is no problem.
> However how do i move my hosted engine disk to the new FC SAN?
> In the engine gui i am able to click move disk but is this enough?
Short answer: No, it's not enough. Use backup/restore

Long answer: It would be better to reinstall Hosted Engine on a new FC SAN
and restore database from a backup, but that operations is quite tricky.

It also requires some extra space for VMs, as you will be putting couple
of  hosts into maintenance mode and at least one host will be reinstalled.

I would recommend you to migrate all your VMs to non-HE hosts at first. If
you don't have enough hosts for that, you should either temporarily
undeploy HE from some hosts or shutdown some VMs. If both options are not
possible, you may still continue, but you may have some undesired effects.

After that take a database backup and execute engine-migrate-he.py script.
This script will put one of your hosts into maintenance mode, so you will
need some extra space for your VMs (including HE VM).

Now you are safe to switch Hosted Engine to global maintenance mode,
shutdown you HE VM, redeploy HE on some host using new FC SAN and restore
your database. engine-backup script should be executed with
--he-remove-hosts --he-remove-hosts options.

Finally, immediately after database restoration, redeploy existing HE
hosts, so they will join new HE cluster. It is also safe to activate host,
that was put to maintenance mode by engine-migrate-he.py script (but if it
was a HE host, just reinstall it)
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