So I successfully upgraded my engine from 4.06 to 4.1.1 with no major issues.

A nice thing I noticed was that my custom CA certificate for https on the admin 
and user portals wasn’t clobbered by setup.

I did have to restore my custom settings for ISO uploader, log collector, and 
websocket proxy:
cp /etc/ovirt-engine/isouploader.conf.d/10-engine-setup.conf.<latest_timestamp> 

Now I’m moving on to updating the oVirt node hosts, which are currently at 
oVirt Node (I’m assuming I should do that before attempting to upgrade 
the cluster and data center compatibility level to 4.1.)

When I right-click on a host and go to Installation / Check for Upgrade, the 
results are ‘no updates found.’ When I log into that host directly, I notice 
it’s still got the oVirt 4.0 repo, not 4.1. Is there an extra step I’m missing? 
The documentation I’ve found 
 doesn’t mention this.

If I can offer some unsolicited feedback: I feel like this list is populated 
with a lot of questions that could be averted with a little care and feeding of 
the documentation. It’s unfortunate because that makes for a rocky introduction 
to oVirt, and it makes it look like a neglected project, which I know is not 
the case.

On a related note, I know this has been discussed before but…
The centralized control in Github for the documentation does not really 
encourage user contributions. What’s wrong with a wiki? If we’re really 
concerned about bad or malicious edits being posted, keep the official in git 
and add a separate wiki that is clearly marked as user-contributed.

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