Setup: RHV 4.1 with full RHEL 7 servers as hypervisor hosts.

I noticed an "Update available" symbol for all the hypervisor hosts. 
Running "yum update" on the hosts themselves didn't list any pending 

Running "check for available updates" on the hosts in the RHV web 
interface resulted in a long list of software which RHV would like to 
add, it seems, see below.

What's all that, and is it really needed?

The packages:
found updates for packages collectd-5.7.0-4.el7, collectd-
disk-5.7.0-4.el7, collectd-netlink-5.7.0-4.el7, collectd-
virt-5.7.0-4.el7, collectd-write_http-5.7.0-4.el7, fluentd-0.12.29-1.el7, 
libcollectdclient-5.7.0-4.el7, ruby-, ruby-
irb-, ruby-libs-, rubygem-
bigdecimal-1.2.0-29.el7, rubygem-cool.io-1.4.5-2.el7, rubygem-fluent-
plugin-rewrite-tag-filter-1.5.5-3.el7, rubygem-fluent-plugin-secure-
forward-0.4.3-2.el7, rubygem-http_parser.rb-0.6.0-3.el7, rubygem-io-
console-0.4.2-29.el7, rubygem-json-1.7.7-29.el7, rubygem-
msgpack-0.5.12-2.el7, rubygem-proxifier-1.0.3-2.el7, rubygem-
psych-2.0.0-29.el7, rubygem-rdoc-4.0.0-29.el7, rubygem-resolve-
hostname-0.0.4-1.el7, rubygem-sigdump-0.2.4-1.el7, rubygem-string-
scrub-0.0.5-3.el7, rubygem-thread_safe-0.3.5-2.el7, rubygem-

Troels Arvin, Copenhagen

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