Hi all:
This is Kevin Zhang from Beijing. Nice to meet you!
Now I am trying to use python SDK to get a  script to  get the overview of
ovirt engine so we don't have to always log in the web portal .
 I have finished some basic features. but now I stuck on one feature as
subject and I cannot work it out after some trying and googling . So I'd
like to turn some guide from gurus like you.
Issue is:
On a ovirt engine( or RHEV) version 4.0, I would like to use the python SDK
to get a the memory and CPU usage percentage info on each hypervisor, just
like what the webportal showed us as attached. I tried with the options in
api.host.list(), but I don't get the place to query the info.
I am not sure if I am in the wrong direction. Can you kindly shed some
light on it?

Best Regards
Kevin Zhang

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