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On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 9:44 AM, Juan Hernández <jhern...@redhat.com> wrote:

> > Do I have to add in any way also the hypervisors to the ManageIQ
> > configuration? Or should it be automatic?
> >
> The hosts should be added automatically. Moti, I remember that you
> mentioned some issue with hosts. Was that resolved?

Sorry I was misreading the web output at a first sight.
It is ok. I see hosts in Compute --> Infrastructure --> Hosts
I see managers in Compute --> Infrastructure --> Providers

> > Also, do you know when I choose to see console in ManageIQ, both the
> > "web console"  and the "WM console" options in "Access" menu, from where
> > the connection is originated: my client where browser is running or from
> > manageiq server and then passed in any way to client?
> > Which protocol does the web console use?
> >
> I am not sure about that. Martin, can you answer that question?

Ok, I took the time to RTFM ;-)

It seems that for oVirt/RHEV it uses websocket proxy base console.
The 2 options offered in "Fine" version of manageiq are for oVirt:

Access --> VM Console
for spice/vnc through websocket proxy

Right. Just beware it may not work very well

Access -->Web Console
>From the pop-up help message when mouse over it says
Open a new browser window with Cockpit for this VM. This requires that
Cockpit is pre-configured on the VM

Yes, it's not what you would understand as a guest console in oVirt

I should investigate this second option....

Thanks for the moment and if there is more information it will be of help

BTW: I was able to successfully configure inside ManageIQ 3 environments:
- one standalone host with self hosted engine (in 4.1.2pre)
- one engine that manages 3 hosts (in 4.1.1)
- one ESXi vcenter with 6.0 that manages 6 hosts

Nice environment. I have to understand better role segregation, limits and


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