Hi Gajendra,

                      virt-v2v didn't support Debian/Ubuntu guests, it is 
apparently in a later version that is due to be included in RHEL/Centos 7.4

What I did to get a Metasploitable2 image into oVirt was.

1. convert vmdk disk

       qemu-img convert -f vmdk Metasploitable.vmdk -O raw Metasploitable.img

2. Find size of disk 8GB in this case

        qemu-img info Metasploitable.img

3. Create VM O/S Linux with disk of that size and of interface type IDE thin 

4.  In engine in the DATA_DOMAIN record the id of the disk just created

5. in the DATA_DOMAIN on one the hosts/nodes go to the images directory
      e.g. mount_point/UUID/images

6. cd to directory of the id of the disk recorded at step 5 (also probably last 
directory created)
     there should be 3 files and the one without an extension should be 8GB
     they should all start with the same UUID in this case  

7. dd if=/path/Metasploitable.img  of=1805e3a4-0697-4c0a-8dfb-0c0011490bd2 bs=4M

8.  Boot VM.

It may be easier converting the disk and creating a new VM with it or seeing if 
Fedora has a more modern virt-v2v

               Paul S.

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I am running a ovirt engine and ovirt host on a single machine for testing 
purpose. I trying to convert and move Debian virtualbox vm which is created 
using vagrant into ovirt engine as template.

I tried to convert using virt-v2v as http://libguestfs.org/virt-v2v.1.html. 
However, I get error as (Debian/ Linux cannot be converted).

I have exported the vm from virtualbox and have the image as .ova. Is there any 
way to migrate?


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