Dear Team

i need you advice for convert our volume replica 2 to replica 3 with arbiter but important thing it's production environments , i try to convert the same name of volume in replica 2 to convert is to the replica 3 to avoid losing vm's or any data that's what i do it :

# gluster volume create gfs1 replica 3 arbiter 1 s1:/export/sdb1/br1 s2:/export/sdb1/br1 s3:/export/sdb1/br1 s1:/export/sdc1/br1 s2:/export/sdc1/br1 s3:/export/sdc1/br1 s4:/export/sdb1/br1 s5:/export/sdb1/br1 s6:/export/sdb1/br1 s4:/export/sdc1/br1 s5:/export/sdc1/br1 s6:/export/sdc1/br1

that's the result :

volume create: gfs1: failed: Volume gfs1 already exists

i try to change the name but without any success what shall i do.

best regards

Eng khalid jamal
System Admin@IT Department
Earthlink Telecom

No: 3355
skype: engkhalid21986
NO : 07704268321

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