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do hypervisors, that are running oVirt Node (not standard
need internet access for updates or can they be in a private, non
network (and updates happen via engine)? it seems the latter is the
case, but i want to be sure


Engine isn't very particular about updating in this case. As long as
any repository is configured where 'yum check-update
ovirt-node-ng-image-update' is true, upgrades from engine will work.

In general, otopi's miniyum is a bit smarter than base yum, so
'check-update ...' is not always a reliable mechanism to verify this,
but yes, a local repo in a non-routed network which presents the
update will show an update from engine.

thanks, i guess configuring repositories in oVirt Node can only be achieved when using Foreman/Satellite integration, is that correct? i've just started to use oVirt Node and i'm beginning to realize that things are a _little_ bit different compared to a standard linux host.

this brings me to another update related question:
right now oVirt Nodes in my test environment can connect to the internet and there recently was an update available which i applied through the engine gui, which seemed to finish successfully. i remember wondering how i could check what actually changend, there was eg. no kernel change IIRC. today i discovered that on both updated hosts /tmp/imgbased.log exists and ends in an error:

subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['lvcreate', '--thin', '--virtualsize', u'8506048512B', '--name', 'ovirt-node-ng-', u'HostVG/pool00']' returned non-zero exit status 5

i have to mention i manually partitioned my oVirt Node host when i installed it from the installer ISO (because i want to use software raid). i used partitioning recommendations from (doubling size recommendations).

did my oVirt Node update complete successfully?
how can i check this?
why was there an lvcreate error?

'imgbase layout' says:
 +- ovirt-node-ng-

kernel version is:

thanks a lot again
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