I have a group of local users with permissions to create VMs, templates,
and VMs from templates. They are allowed to work only in one of the
clusters in the datacenter.

Now I want one of the local users to be able to import VMs and convert them
into templates and I just can't find the recipe for that.

The group has these permissions:

LocalUsersGroup -> [PowerUserRole] -> DEV1 (Cluster)
LocalUsersGroup -> [PowerUserRole] -> SAN (Storage)
LocalUsersGroup -> [TemplateCreator] -> OFFICE (Datacenter)

LocalUserA is part of LocalUsersGroup and should be able to:
  - Import a VM
  - Convert the VM to a template for everyone to use
  - Delete the VM

I tried this: LocalUserA -> [VmImporterExporter] -> System

LocalUserA can now import VMs and convert them to templates but it can't
delete the imported VMs. For some reason [UserVmManager] role is not
assigned to LocalUserA on the VMs that were imported.

Before I start messing around I'd appreciate somebody's else opinion on how
this should be done.

Thank you for your time,

-- Peter
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