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> Re (1.), you should also note that currently, the engine is not even
> packaged properly for Fedora/CentOS. I know this sounds weird, as everyone
> uses the packages we provide, but it's true - these packages are not
> compliant with Fedora's packaging guidelines. Why? Because we use maven
> for building the engine, and package also many dependencies simply as
> a result of maven getting them from maven central. See also:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=1168605&hide_resolved=0

I guess we could walk the middle ground here for DEBs just like we do
for RMPs no? Which means - have java dependency bundle packages and
release from resources.ovirt.org...

I would love to see a discussion on what it would take to get DEBs
through the CI system. I guess we would need some sort of
'build-artifacts.sh.deb' (Or deb8? dep9? not sure what is the
convention for Debian version shorthands), some Debian build slaves
and Debian equivalents of mock_runner.sh and repoan.

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