Before trying out, I want to understand how glusterfs will react for below
Please help me.

Let consider I have two host hostA and hostB
I have setup replica volume on hostA and hostB. (consider as storage domain
for DATA in ovirt).
I have configure data domain mount command with backup server option
(backup-volfile-server) as hostB (I mean main server as hostA and backup as

1> As I understood, VDSM execute mount command on both hostA and hostB.(for
creating data domain)
2> That mean, HostB glusterFS CLIENT will communicate with main server
(Please correct me if I am wrong here.)
3> Let say HostA got down (say shutdown, power off scenario)
4> Due to backup option I will have data domain available on HostB.
(Now glusterFS CLIENT on HostB will start communicating with HostB
GlusterFS SERVER).
5> Now let say HostA comes up.
6> Will it sync all data from HostB to HostA glusterFS server ?
(as per doc, yes, i not tried yet, want to confirm my understanding)
7> Will glusterFS CLIENT on HostB start communicate with main server
(HostA) ?

Please let me know, I am new to glusterFS.

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