On 05/19/2017 05:38 AM, Leni Kadali Mutungi wrote:
> By the way, how does WildFly fit into all of this? Because I
> downloaded a zip file from their site as referenced here:
> https://github.com/leni1/oVirt-docs-Debian/blob/master/oVirt-Development-Environment.md
> and it seemed to me that zip contained a script that runs the WildFly
> server instance within the terminal. How is it supposed to interact
> with the oVirt engine and how do I make sure to run it such that there
> are no errors arising from not having it. As of now I run it as a
> standalone server according to the instructions in the README.txt file
> that comes with the zip file:
> Starting a Standalone Server
> ----------------------------
> A WildFly standalone server runs a single instance.
> <JBOSS_HOME>/bin/standalone.sh      (Unix / Linux)

Currently the oVirt engine has its own mechanism to start the
application server, you don't need to (and should not) start it yourself
with the 'standalone.sh' script. All you need to do is to tell the
engine where the application server is installed. To do so you need to
set the 'JBOSS_HOME' home in the engine configuration. The easiest way
to do that is to add the '--jboss-home' option to the 'engine-setup'

  engine-setup --jboss-home=<JBOSS_HOME>

That will add the following to the generated
'engine.conf.d/10-setup-jboss.conf' file:


You can also change that file manually, if you move the application
server to a different directory, for example.
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