I have a physical server that hosts an all-in-one ovirt system.
At the time there are only a handful of VMs but I plan to expand
(both the number of VMs and the number of physical servers).
As I use this for developing / testing various ideas (web apps) I sometimes
need to have access directly to VMs from the internet (ports like 80, 443,
sometimes others).
What I would like is to install a reverse proxy (nginx) in DMZ and get rid
of port forwarding system.

My question is: is there any way (ovirt, plugin, 3rd party solution) that,
when a VM is created, automatically creates the required entries in the
reverse proxy so that a preselected +/- customizable list of ports are
forwarded to the new VM?

Example (where example.com is a preconfigured domain, site3 was the
hostname the user entered, is the IP allocated by the DHCP):

server {
  listen ssl;
  server_name site3.example.com;

  include common.conf;

  location / {

And, as a followup: is there a way avoid manually creating an entry
in the zone editor on registar's website?


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