Hey Alexander,

I did those exact steps roughly two days ago...the host is still stuck in 
preparing for maintenance mode.  Confirming the host has been rebooted seems to 
have no effect.

Any other ideas?  Some way to hit the Ovirt Database and manipulate the value 
for what state the host is in?  Remove the host entirely from the back-end 

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On Monday, June 5, 2017 4:10:54 PM EDT Brandon. Markgraf wrote:
> Hello oVirt Users,
> We have a cluster that has been decommissioned and we are trying to 
> remove the hosts from the oVirt Engine but one host is stuck in 
> "Preparing for Maintenance".  It's preventing me from removing that 
> host and the associated cluster.
> The physical server has been shut down and is no longer accessible.  
> What's the best way to take this server in oVirt Engine out of this 
> status so we can remove the host and the cluster from oVirt Engine?
> Thanks so much in advance and please let me know if there are any questions.
> Brandon Markgraf | *Target |

IIRC when I had that issue (I removed the host physically before removing it 
from oVirt) I had to do the following:

- Right click in the grid on the host, and select confirm host has been 
rebooted (this is basically you telling oVirt the host has been fenced).
- After a while the host should end up as down (or unknown state).
- You should be able to select maintaince at that point, this might take a 
while (timeouts etc).
- This should put the host in maintaince and you should be able to remove it 

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