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> Hi,
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>> Hi,
>> does a storage best practise document for oVirt exist?
>> Some examples:
>> oVirt allows to extend an existing storage domain: Is it better to keep a
>> 1:1 relation between LUN and oVirt storage domain?
> What do you mean by 1:1 relation? Between storage domain and the number of
> LUNs the domain reside on?
>> If not, is it better to avoid adding LUNs to an already existing storage
>> domain?
> No problems with storage domain extension.
>> Following the previous questions:
>> Is it better to have 1 Big oVirt storage domain or many small oVirt
>> storage domains?
> Depends on your needs, be aware to the following:
> - Each domain has its own metadata which allocates ~5GB of the domain size.
> - Each domain is being constatntly monitored by the system, so large number
> of domain can decrease the system performance.

What do you mean by "reducing system performance"? on hypervisor side
or manager side?

We're planning to move serveral TBs of vm, splitted in several SD of
1TB of size.

Do you suggest creating a big storage domain of several terabytes?
It would be easier also for our deployment scripts, but we're still
valuating if is a good choice.

> There are also downsides with having big domains, like less flexability

Exactly what i was thinking: how do i replace a component of a storage domain?


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