Hi all,

When setting up hosted engine setup on top gluster with 3 nodes, I had
gluster configured on a separate network interface, as recommended. When I
tried later to upload ISO from engine to ISO domain, the engine was not
able to upload it since the VM did not have access to the separate storage
network. I then added the storage network interface to the hosted engine
and ISO upload succeeded.

1st question: do I need to add the network interface to engine in order to
upload ISOs? does there exist any alternate way?

Then I proceeded to configure bonding for the storage domain, bonding 2
NICs at each server. When trying to set a custom bond of mode=6 (as
recommended from gluster) I received a warning that mode0, 5 and 6 cannot
be configured since the interface is used from VMs. I also understood that
having the storage network assigned to VMs makes it a bridge which
decreases performance of networking. When trying to remove the network
interface from engine it cannot be done, since the engine is running.

2nd question: Is there a way I can remove the secondary storage network
interface from the engine?

Many thanx
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