On 28.06.2017 12:33, Sandro Bonazzola wrote:
>> 2. Should I migrate from XenServer to oVirt? This is biased, I know, but
>> I would like to hear opinions. The folks with @redhat.com email
>> addresses will know how to advocate in favor of oVirt.
> I don't know, and I don't think (having a @redhat.com email myself) I
> should advocate.
> If someone made a comparison (even if it's just for their own specific use
> case), it could be great if it could be shared. If you do - please share
> your thoughts.


for what it's worth, here is a matrix like comparison (you can configure
the products and should select rhev for ovirt like features):


some features of xen are not available in ovirt/rhev, e.g. live
migration with local storage.


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