> Le 29 juin 2017 à 13:41, Ondra Machacek <omach...@redhat.com> a écrit :
> How do you login? Do you use webadmin or API/SDK, if using SDK, don't
> you use kerberos=True?

Ok, got it.
It's tested with the sdk, using kerberos. But Kerberos authentication is done 
in Apache and I configure a profile for that, so I needed to add: 
config.artifact.arg = X-Remote-User in my 
/etc/ovirt-engine/extensions.d/MyProfile.authn.properties. But this is missing 
from internal-authn.properties. So rexecutor@internal  is checked with my 
profil, and not found. But as the internal profil don't know about 
X-Remote-User, it can't check the user and fails silently. That's why I'm 
getting only one line. Perhaps the log line should have said the extensions 
name that was failing, not the generic "External Authentication" that did'nt 
caught my eye.

I will check that as soon as I have a few minutes to spare and tell you.

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