I'm going to try to update to 4.1 an HC environment, currently on 4.0 with
3 nodes in CentOS 7.3 and one of them configured as arbiter

Any particular caveat in HC?
Are the steps below, normally used for Self Hosted Engine environments the
only ones to consider?

- update repos on the 3 hosts and on the engine vm
- global maintenance
- update engine
- update also os packages of engine vm
- shutdown engine vm
- disable global maintenance
- verify engine vm boots and functionality is ok
- update hosts: preferred way will be from the gui itself that takes care
of moving VMs, maintenance and such or to proceed manually?

Is there a preferred order with which I have to update the hosts, after
updating the engine? Arbiter for first or as the latest or not important at

Any possible problem having disaligned versions of glusterfs packages until
I complete all the 3 hosts? Any known bugs passing from 4.0 to 4.1 and
related glusterfs components?

Thanks in advance,
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