Hi Denis,

> That sound really strange. I would suspect some storage problems or
> something. As i told you earlier, output of --vm-status may shed light on
> that issue.

Unfortunately, I can't replicate it at the moment due to the need to
keep the VMs up.

> Did you tried to migrate form bare metal engine to the hosted engine?

Yes, I used this procedure:


Essentially, I used a brand new host not joined to the cluster to
deploy the Hosted Engine VM.

> Engine is responsible for starting those VMs. As you had no engine, there
> was no one to start them. Hosted Engine tools are only responsible for the
> engine VM, not other VMs.

I could not find out why the engine would not start from the logs I looked at.
I didn't have the time to spend on it as I had to get the VMs up and running

> I know, there exists 'bare metal - to - hosted engine' migration procedure,
> but i doubt i knew it good enough. If i remember correctly, you need to take
> a backup of your bare metal engine database, run migration preparation
> script, that will handle spm_id duplications, deploy your first HE host,
> restore database from the backup, deploy more HE hosts. I'm not sure if
> those steps are correct and would better ask Martin about migration process.

I did all these steps as per the URL above, and it did not report any
errors during the process.
The Hosted Engine VM started fine, but it did not appear in the list
of VMs. I think the problem here
was that the list of display types was incorrectly written in the
hosted engine properties file. I was still
left with the issue that the Hosted Engine could not be migrated to
any other host. It was suggested
to re-install the other hosts with the 'deploy hosted engine' option
(which was missing in the official
documentation). This didn't fix the issue so it was suggested that the
host_id was incorrect (as it did not
reflect the SPM ID of the host. I fixed this, then restarted the
cluster...with the result that the engine
would not start, and no VMs started. I could not see any storage
errors in any of the logs I looked at,
but it had not been a problem previously when rebooting hosts (though
I'd never restarted the whole cluster
before). When I used the old bare metal engine, I could get into the
GUI to start the VMs, not sure why
they didn't come up automatically.

I'd like to get it working and will work with the person who takes it
over to do this. I'd like to see it succeed
so eventually we could use oVirt as a proof of concept to replace
VMWare with RHEV. Everyone's help has been great,
but unfortunately it hasn't been entirely smooth sailing (for this
migration) so far.

Thanks again,

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