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> Only problem I would like to manage is that I have gluster network shared
>> with ovirtmgmt one.
>> Can I move it now with these updated packages?
> Are the gluster peers configured with the same hostnames/IPs as your hosts
> within oVirt?
> Once they're configured on the same network, separating them might be a
> bit difficult. Also, the last time I looked, oVirt still doesn't support
> managing HCI oVirt/Gluster nodes running each service on a different
> interface (see below).
> In theory, the procedure would involve stopping all of the Gluster
> processes on all of the peers, updating the peer addresses in the gluster
> configs on all of the nodes, then restarting glusterd & the bricks. I've
> not tested this however, and it's not a "supported" procedure. I've no idea
> how oVirt would deal with these changes either.

Which version of glusterfs do you have running now? With glusterfs>= 3.9,
there's a reset-brick command that can help you do this.

It's possible to move to the new interface for gluster.

The procedure would be:

1. Create a network with "gluster" network role.
2. On each host, use "Setup networks" to associate the gluster network on
the desired interface. (This would ensure thet the engine will peer probe
this interface's IP address as well, so that it can be used to identify the
host in brick defintion)
3. For each of the volume's bricks - change the definition of the brick, so
that the new ip address is used. Ensure that there's no pending heal (i.e
gluster volume heal info - should list 0 entires) before you start this(see
https://gluster.readthedocs.io/en/latest/release-notes/3.9.0/ - Introducing
reset-brick command)

gluster volume reset-brick VOLNAME <original-hostname/ip>:BRICKPATH start
gluster volume reset-brick VOLNAME <original-hostname/ip>:BRICKPATH
<new-gluster-interface-ip>:BRICKPATH commit force

> To properly separate my own storage & management networks from the
> beginning, I configured each host with 2 IPs on different subnets and a
> different hostname corresponding to each IP. For example, "v0" points to
> the management interface of the first node, and "s0" points to the storage
> interface.
> oVirt's problem is that, whilst it can see the pre-configured bricks and
> volumes on each host, it can't create any new bricks or volumes because it
> wants to use the same hostnames it uses to manage the hosts. It also means
> that it can't fence the hosts correctly, as it doesn't understand that "v0"
> & "s0" are the same host.
> This isn't a problem for me though, as I don't need to manage my Gluster
> instances via the GUI, and automatic fencing can be done via the IPMI
> interfaces.
> Last I read, this is a recognised problem, but a fix isn't expect to
> arrive any time soon.
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> Doug
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