i'm trying to use iSCSI multipathing for a LUN shared by a Hitachi SAN. i can't figure out how this is supposed to work, maybe my setup isn't applicable at all...

our storage admin shared the same LUN for me on two targets, which are located in two logical networks connected to different switches (i asked him to do so). on the oVirt hypervisor side there is only one bonded interface for storage traffic, so i configured two VLAN interfaces located in these networks on the bond interface.

now i create the storage domain logging in to one of the targets connecting through its logical network. when i try to create a "second" storage domain for the same LUN logging in to the second target, oVirt tells me "LUN is already in use". i understand this, but now i can't configure an oVirt "iSCSI Bond" in any way.

how is this supposed to work?
right now the only working setup i can think of would be an iSCSI target that uses a redundant bond interface (with only one IP addresss) to which my hypervisors connect through different routed networks (using either dedicated network cards or vlan interfaces). is that correct?

i feel like i'm missing something, but i couldn't find any examples for real world IP setups for iSCSI multipathing.

thanks for explaining
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