Yes, I do deployment in four steps:

1. Install CentOS via iDRAC.
2. Attach vlan to 10G physdev via iproute. This is one handwork. May be replaced via DHCP management, but for now I only have 2x10G Fiber, without any DHCP.
3. Run ovirt_deploy Ansible role.
4. Attach oVirt networks after host activate.

About iSCSI, NFS. I don't know anything about it. I use Ceph.

On 07/04/2017 10:50 AM, Vinícius Ferrão wrote:
Thanks, Konstantin.

Just to be clear enough: the first deployment would be made on classic eth interfaces and later after the deployment of Hosted Engine I can convert the "ovirtmgmt" network to a LACP Bond, right?

Another question: what about iSCSI Multipath on Self Hosted Engine? I've looked through the net and only found this issue:

Appears to be unsupported as today, but there's an workaround on the comments. It's safe to deploy this way? Should I use NFS instead?

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Konstantin Shalygin

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