I've been used to install vdsm on regular centos to provision my hosts.

I recently installed ovirt-ng on new hosts, but centos "base" and "updates" repo are disabled by default. So I updated them by enabling theses repos tio update centos.

Several questions :

 * Is this a good practice or should I wait a new ovirt-ng image to
   update the whole system with

   |  # ovirt-node-upgrade --iso=/path/to/ovirt-node-image.iso --reboot=1|

 * |Now ovirt 4.1.3 is out, I have to uncomment
   "includepkgs=ovirt-node-ng-image-update ovirt-node-ng-image
   ovirt-engine-appliance" in the ovirt repo to get the last vdsm, but
   the dependencies are broken:
   [root@ulysses yum.repos.d]# yum update --enablerepo=base
   --enablerepo=updates -y
   |--> Résolution des dépendances terminée
   Erreur : Paquet :
   ovirt-hosted-engine-setup- (ovirt-4.1)
                 Requiert : rubygem-fluent-plugin-viaq_data_model

Is this a good alternative way to do, or may I have issues if I do want such a thing?

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