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By the end of 2017, the number of customers using mobile devices to browse the 
Web is projected to reach 5 billion people because customers are looking for 
your business on their mobile phones, it’s the perfect opportunity to expand 
your online presence with a mobile website.

How can a mobile website benefit your business?

When customers are looking for a business on their mobile devices, it’s not 
because they’re casually shopping or researching. They’re searching for a 
particular product or service because they have a pressing need to locate that 
product or service. So when you have a mobile website that appears during a 
user’s search-and-find mission, you let your customers know that you’re open 
and ready for business . . . right at the moment they need you.

We offer a new mobile website service that makes it easy for mobile users to 
find your business online. With our service, you can:

Launch a mobile website in weeks:  With our intuitive user interface, we can 
create a mobile website for your business in weeks.

Leverage your current website address:  Our technology detects when customers 
are using a mobile device and then presents your mobile website to them using 
the same domain address. That’s way, there’s no need to choose a new website 
address for your business.

Optimize your website for mobile users:  A screen with easy-to-read icons helps 
users quickly navigate to the information they need.

Maximize your business presence:  Because mobile users can search for your 
business anywhere, anytime, a mobile website gives your business 24×7 exposure.


            •   STEP 1 – PLANNING

            •   STEP 2 – DESIGN

            •   STEP 3 – CODING

            •   STEP 4 – CONTENT

            •   STEP 5 - WEBSITE SETUP

            •   STEP 6 – REVIEW

            •   STEP 7 - TESTING & LAUNCH

            •   STEP 8 - HANDOVER & SUPPORT

Some of the Web Design & Development services that we offer:

            •    HTML5 & CSS3 Coding

            •    AJAX & JQuery Development

            •    PHP Web Development

            •    Responsive Web Design

            •    Mobile Web Design

            •    Content Management Systems &Framework.

If you’re ready to make your mobile website now, please email us back.

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