On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 2:26 PM, Davide Ferrari <dav...@billymob.com> wrote:

> Hello Victor
> how do you remove the disk from the VM's configuration? From the disk tab
> under the VM?
> On 11/07/17 20:51, Victor José Acosta Domínguez wrote:
> Hello
> Yes it is possible, you must remove from first VM's configuration (be
> careful, do not delete your virtual disk)
> After that you can attach ad that disk to another VM
> Process should be:
> - Detach disk from VM1
> - Delete disk from VM1's configuration
> - Attach disk to VM2
> Victor Acosta
you select the VM, then the Disks sub-tab and there you select the disk and
then "Remove"
Pay attention in confirmation window to leave unselected the "Remove
permanently" checkbox.
Then in System -> Disks (or in Datacenter_name -> DIsks) you will see the
removed disk with nothing in the "Attached To" column.
You select target VM, disks subtab, you select "Attach" option (not "New")
and you will see a list of existing disks that can be attached to the VM.
Select the desired disk and click ok.
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