Have you found any solution for this problem?

I’m using an FreeNAS machine to server iSCSI but I’ve the exactly same problem. 
I’ve reinstalled oVirt at least 3 times during the weekend trying to solve the 

At this moment my iSCSI Multipath tab is just inconsitent. I can’t see both 
VLAN’s on “Logical networks” but only one target shows up on Storage Targets.

When I was able to found two targets everything went down and I needed to 
reboot the host and the Hosted Engine to regenerate oVirt.


On 11 Jul 2017, at 19:29, Devin Acosta 
<de...@pabstatencio.com<mailto:de...@pabstatencio.com>> wrote:

I am using the latest release of oVIRT 4.1.3, and I am connecting a Dell 
Compelent SAN that has 2 fault domains each on a separate VLAN that I have 
attached to oVIRT. From what I understand I am suppose to go into “iSCSI 
Multipathing” option and add a BOND of the iSCSI interfaces. I have done this 
selecting the 2 logical networks together for iSCSI. I notice that there is an 
option below to select Storage Targets but if I select the storage targets 
below with the logical networks the the cluster goes crazy and appears to be 
mad. Storage, Nodes, and everything goes offline even thought I have NFS also 
attached to the cluster.

How should this best be configured. What we notice that happens is when the 
server reboots it seems to log into the SAN correctly but according the the 
Dell SAN it is only logged into once controller. So only pulls both fault 
domains from a single controller.

Please Advise.


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