I’m joining the crowd with iSCSI Multipath issues on oVirt here. I’m trying to 
enable the feature without success too.

Here’s what I’ve done, step-by-step.

1. Installed oVirt Node 4.1.3 with the following network settings:

eno1 and eno2 on a 802.3ad (LACP) Bond, creating a bond0 interface.
eno3 with 9216 MTU.
eno4 with 9216 MTU.
vlan11 on eno3 with 9216 MTU and fixed IP addresses.
vlan12 on eno4 with 9216 MTU and fixed IP addresses.

eno3 and eno4 are my iSCSI MPIO Interfaces, completelly segregated, on 
different switches.

2. Started the installation of Self-hosted engine after three hours of waiting, 
because: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1454536

3. Selected iSCSI as default interface for Hosted Engine. Everything was fine.

4. On the Hosted Engine I’ve done the following:

a. System > Data Centers > Default > Networks
. Created iSCSI1 with VLAN 11 and MTU 9216, removed VM Network option.
. Created iSCSI2 with VLAN 12 and MTU 9216, removed VM Network option.

b. System > Data Centers > Default > Clusters > Default > Hosts > 
ovirt3.cc.if.ufrj.br<http://ovirt3.cc.if.ufrj.br> (my machine)

Selected Setup Host Networks and moved iSCSI1 to eno3 and iSCSI2 to eno4. Both 
icons gone green, indicating an “up” state.

c. System > Data Centers > Default > Clusters

Selected Logical Networks and them Manage Network. Removed the Required 
checkbox from both iSCSI connections.

d. System > Data Centers > Default > Storage

Added an iSCSI Share with two initiators. Both shows up correctly.

e. System > Data Centers

Now the iSCSI Multipath tab is visible. Selected it and added an iSCSI Bond:
. iSCSI1 and iSCSI2 selected on Logical Networks.
. Two iqn’s selected on Storage Targets.

5. oVirt just goes down. VDSM gets crazy and everything “crashes”. iSCSI is 
still alive, since we can still talk with the Self Hosted Engine, but 
**NOTHING** works. If the iSCSI Bond is removed everything regenerates to a 
usable state.

I’ve added the following files on my public page to help on debugging:

There are some random images of my configuration too: 

What should be done now? Issue a bug fix request?


PS: My machine is reachable over the internet. So if anyone would like to 
connect to it, just let me know.

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